Survival skills font

ThisĀ font would be great for a survival skills show because the letters look like they have been formed out of branches so it matches with the scene that the show will be set in. It also looks slightly similar to the symbols that used to be embossed in the caves from the past, again linking […]

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Motion graphics in humor

The above video is a meme about KFC being the Illuminati, this is humorous because it is clearly a spoof from the get go and Illuminati memes circulate the internet everyday. The meme is funny because it isn’t executed well and this is due to the motion graphics, it is done so carelessly and amateurishly […]

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Google Doodle

  This Google Doodle is following the story of a fox and is all about tips about how to save the planet. The first bit of motion graphics we see is in the very first sequence. The play button is pulsating, enticing us to push it and watch the video. This is effective because it […]

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Kids TV motion graphics

Disney channel uses motion graphics in a very effective way in advertising their channel, the video below shows an actress from one of the shows the channel airs, this is effective because kids will recognise the actress. The colours used are bright and vibrant, this is good for kids because their eye is drawn to […]

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BBC Motion Graphics

The example of motion graphics I will be using is the BBC opening sequence. The motion graphics are shown straight away with the world moving around on screen, this is effective because its showing that the BBC report from all around the world. The text on the screen moving is also motion graphics because it […]

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Motion Graphics – advert

Below is the advert for KFC that came out in 2017. The use of motion graphics in this advert is very effective because it causes brand recognition and remembrance. The advert is about KFC using 100% British chicken and this is shown at the end of the advert with the text that comes up. The […]

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